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15 April 2021

The Bermuda Aircraft Registry is Secure and Compliant

The Bermuda Aircraft Registry is regulated by the UK Department for Transport and has due diligence policies and procedures in place to be fully compliant with anti-money laundering protocols. One procedure of specific importance, is identifying and approving the beneficial owner of each aircraft. This protects the reputation of all owners and operators on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.

Some concerns have been raised in the aviation industry after a recent indictment in the United States relating to aircraft registration by foreign entities. More information on the indictment can be found here –

An alternative option for consideration is an offshore registry with an outstanding international reputation and uncompromising compliance to all regulatory standards.

The Bermuda Aircraft Registry can offer many offshore registration benefits to aircraft owners and operators in the APAC region. For a full list of benefits, visit our website

The Bermuda Aircraft Registry is the largest offshore registry in the world, the least expensive, and has a Chinese speaking Operations Manager/Airworthiness Inspector based in Shanghai, who can be contacted with any questions regarding the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.

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