Registration Of Aircraft


Contact us to find out how to become eligible to register an aircraft in Bermuda.

Our helpful and friendly staff will guide you through the process for registering a business, private, or commercial aircraft.

Step one to register an aircraft in BermudaSubmit an application for registration of aircraft form

Steps to register an aircraft - step 2Submit required information for a Certificate of Registration

Steps on how to register your aircraft in Bermuda-step-3Submit Airworthiness applications and required documents

Steps on how to register an aircraft-step-4Submit Operations applications and approvals found on the checklist

Steps to register an aircraft in BermudaComplete new customer payment form


To be eligible to register an aircraft in Bermuda a company or person must meet the following requirements:

  • A company incorporated in any part of the Commonwealth (includes UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, or undertakings formed in accordance with the law of a European Economic Area State are eligible to place an aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.)
  • A citizen/national of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth or European Economic Area State.
  • A company incorporated in Hong Kong China through exemption.

Persons or corporations who do not meet these requirements may be able to incorporate a company in Bermuda or in one of the other authorised jurisdictions. To assist you with the process of registering an aircraft, contact Jason Zhang.

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