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28 May 2020

The Bermuda Aircraft Registry Significantly Reduces CofA Fees

Our Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) fees for corporate and general aviation aircraft have been reduced. Following a regular review, we have simplified and reduced its fee by approximately 40%.

The revised fee will now be $100 per 500kg or part thereof, as compared to $190 per 500kg previously, and $170 per 500kg at most other registries. In addition, there will be no fee for operational and CAMO approvals for private aircraft.

Although the reduction of our fees is not a direct result of COVID-19, we hope that it assists our clients during these unprecedented times. Our team has been focused on adjusting best support the aviation industry while maintaining our high standards of safety oversight of airworthiness and operations.

For more information visit our updated Fees page.

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